European Football Championship The British Parliament asked the English Football Association for an explanation of the Wembley chaos

19 police officers were injured due to side effects related to the European Championship finals.

14.7. 20:28

Britannian Parliament has asked the English Football Association for an explanation of the chaos of Wembley, which was the stage for the European Football Championship finals, Reuters reports.

Behind the request for clarification is the chairman of Parliament’s Committee on Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Julian Knight.

“I am shocked and horrified by the violence that was observed at Wembley. Such culturally significant events should inspire the next generation, not leave behind reports of terrified children, ”Knight said.

“We are concerned about whether the preparations for the event were adequate and we are asking the Football Association of England to respond as a matter of urgency.”

According to Reuters, the committee wants answers by July 20th.

“We deserve to know together with the citizens what went wrong and how the Football Association plans to keep people safe in the future,” Knight said.

English the Football Association had not commented on Knight’s request for clarification by Wednesday, but police said their own view of what had happened.

Chief Inspector of Greater London Police Jane Connors defended the actions of the police. According to him, the advance plan was one of the most significant and comprehensive the Greater London Police has ever done for matches of a similar scale.

“It soon became clear that a large number of supporters arrived at Wembley without tickets,” Connors said in a statement.

Flagless spectators rolled towards the stadium soon after the gates opened. Connors said a quick response from police and other authorities prevented more damage. He said 19 police were injured during the final night.

“I don’t accept that policing is considered a failure,” he said.

Police arrested a total of 86 people for the incidents.



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