European Football Championship The big day of the owls is today – HS follows moment by moment Finland’s historic European Championship match against Denmark at 7 p.m.

The opening kick of the match is already historic. Who is the first Owl to hit the ball in the European Championship final match? What is Finland’s lineup? How is the match?

Finland the men’s national football team will face Denmark in its value debut at 7 pm Finnish time. From the first kick, tackle and feed, every action of the Finns in the match – not to mention the goals – remains in the history books and the subject of quiz questions, if not forever, then at least for decades.

In this story, HS follows the match moment by moment on the spot and at home.

We report and comment on the most important game events, and as a novelty only minutes after the game, provides the main owl statistics for the match in a new statistical service, of which there are not many qualities in the European and world press.

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