European Football Championship The Belgian and Italian European Championship finals can no longer take place: this is the match schedule for the European Championships

The playoffs for the European Championships will start next Saturday.

In the process when the European Championships start to form match pairs for the quarterfinals, we will also start to see which countries, even in theory, will play in the finals.

And even after the end of the first blocks, it is clear that the Belgian and Italian finals will not take place in these European Championships, although both have presented excerpts that will make them potential finals.

The match schedule in these races is rude to this duo. If Italy, which won the A-block, wins the third quarter in the quarter-finals of Austria and Belgium, the chart will throw the countries against each other already in the quarter-finals.

The match schedule is as follows:

So there are three block winners on both sides. On the same side as Belgium and Italy, the winner of the hardest-blocked F-block, which can be found in the trio of France, Germany and Portugal, is coming. The winner of Group F cannot therefore have a final pair with Italy or Belgium.

The Danish road, which ended in a different direction from Belgium, first leads to Wales. Next up is the winner of the Dutch-Group Trip match.

In the three blocks, the investments are still open. The following countries can be put in place later on Tuesday night when the D-block is played to completion.

The playoffs will start next Saturday, Midsummer’s Day.



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