European Football Championship Spain was tied again – a place in the playoffs as a bet in the final round

Poland fought a draw on Saturday night in Seville when Spain failed to take control and lost its penalty kick.

Spain-Poland 1-1

Football Spain, which started the European Championships with a cough, will have to excel until the final round of the first round.

Spain, who played an undefeated draw in a match against Sweden, was 1-1 behind Poland against Seville in Saturday night’s late match.

At the top of the block is Sweden with four points after two matches. Slovakia is second with three points. Spain has two points, Poland one.

The summit is in a tight spot in the final round against Slovakia.

“Well that puede fallar más”, you can no longer fail, headline Spanish magazine Marca after the Polish draw.

Álvaro Morata rose to 20 national team goals on Saturday by shooting the ball Wojciech Szczęsnyn back in the 25th minute Gerard Morenon serving.

Moreno, who uses Gerard, scored the ball from the corner of the penalty area to the front of the Vitone border, and Morata did not miss a quality spot.

Morata has now scored four of the previous five European Championship goals in Spain. At the same time, he rose to second place on the list of all-time European Championship finishers.

List number one is five European Championship goals Fernando Torres.

Opening paint However, Gerard made a spectacular save. Jakub Moder broke through in the penalty area, but Gerard fired a penalty from the left post.

Poland’s non-existent straw for sequels was strengthened when the captain and superstar Robert Lewandowski put the ball away for 54 minutes.

The loss would have known Poland to be sure to stay in the first block. Now Lewandowski brought little hope to his country Kamil Jóźwiakin after precise concentration.

Poland built its hit handsomely. Mateusz Klich bait to the right, Kamil Jóźwiak centered and Lewandowski won the main ball after timely contact.

A small bump Aymeric Laporten on his back shook the Spanish defender and brought Lewandowski a small advantage. At the same time, he became the first Polish player to score in three different European Championships.

Polish Kacper Kozłowski became the youngest European Championship player of all time on Saturday night.

Kozłowski, 17 years and 246 days, broke England Jude Bellinghamin, 17 years and 349 days, just six days earlier record.



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