European Football Championship Russian media exploded for European Championship team when Denmark rolled on: “Helpless kittens”

Russia is required to take tough action after the European Championships disaster.

Russian the team flopped the Finnish block as a jumbo in the European Football Championship. The meager 1-0 victory over Huuhkaji was not enough to continue as the other two matches against Belgium and Denmark ended in ugly losses.

Belgium beat the Russians 3–0 and Denmark on Monday as much as 4–1.

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The criticism in the Russian media on Tuesday night was downright inconspicuous. Championship gathered expert comments after the block final game.

Main series team Former chairman of the Spartak Moscow and columnist of the Championship Andrei Chervichenko rushed the national team in very wordy words.

“I would appreciate it [Tanska-]match ugly. Such a result in the European Championships is not just a failure, it is a hyper-failure. I could even call it a humiliating failure. In the past, people who knew what honor meant shot themselves. ”

National team head coach Stanislav Cherchesov received personal feedback from the columnist.

“I don’t know what Cherchesov is going to do now. He earns 20 million rubles (230,000 euros) doing nothing. You can go down the street and ask anyone if 20 million is a lot or a little. I would have led the national team to similar success, ”Chervichenko wondered.

Member of the Russian State Duma Dmitry Svishchev expects serious reflection from the national football association on the causes of the European Championships disaster.

“This is a shame. We don’t need that kind of football. I feel bad for the players: they looked like helpless kittens, ”Svishtšev said.

Supplier Gennadi Orlov also highlighted the match between Finland, which was played at the same time as the match between Russia and Denmark. Finland became a big favorite for Belgium only in the last 15 minutes.

“When you look at those matches side by side, you see what dedication is. Our team is playing outdated football – it’s awful, ”Orlov commented.



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