European Football Championship One pair of images sums up the emotions of Swiss supporters in a dizzying French match on a roller coaster

Switzerland knocked out the quarter-finals of the European Championships in France.

Football the men’s european championships saw two truly exceptional matches on monday, the course of which was confusingly identical.

First, Spain and Croatia ended in extra time in their quarterfinals in a 3-3 situation. Spain then hit twice and advanced to the semifinals with a 5-3 win.

Three hours later, a very similar 90-minute serving was served by France and Switzerland. Overtime went 3–3, and in the end Switzerland advanced to the penalty shootout.

In both matches, the goals went at the same rhythm: the underdog (Croatia and Switzerland) to a 1-0 lead, then the pre-favorite scored three goals, and in the final rush, the chaser rose to the levels.

Matches the spectators and especially, of course, the supporters of the teams went through quite a roller coaster of emotions, where joy and despair changed on several occasions.

For Swiss and French fans, the Swiss penalty kick brought an extra spice to the match events, where Ricardo Rodriguez failed.

Four minutes later, the 1-0 lead had changed to a 1-2 loss situation.

The whole match is perfectly crystallized in the expressions of one Swiss supporter.

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