European Football Championship More information on Christian Eriksen’s shortening – Teemu Pukki told how difficult it was to start the game again

“This was the hardest match of my career. We wanted to continue because Denmark wanted to continue, ”said Teemu Pukki.


Finland took a great 1-0 victory over Denmark in their first ever final tournament match, but head coach Markku Kanerva and the attacker Teemu Pukki returned seriously to the events that led to the match being suspended for nearly a couple of hours.

“It really wasn’t easy to continue after what To Christian Eriksen happened, ”said Teemu Pukki.

Eriksen shortened after Denmark to dominate the match and the first half was unplayed for a few minutes. He was revived on the surface of the field for a long time, regained consciousness, and taken to hospital. The match was suspended for more than an hour and 45 minutes.

Head coach Kanerva said at the press conference right from the start that football is a big part of all of our lives, but there is bigger stuff in human life as well.

“Eriksen’s situation was a big shock to us. I hope everything is fine, ”Kanerva said.

“This was the hardest match of my career. We wanted to continue because Denmark wanted to continue. It was not easy to come back to the field, ”Pukki said.

Kanerva answered HS’s question that it was not known for a moment on the edge of the field how serious the incident was. Then the referee for the match Anthony Taylor asked the coaches what they want to do, “or do you want to go to the booth”.

“At that point, the gravity of the situation became clearer.”

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Markku Kanerva brought Huuhkajat to Copenhagen to make history step by step. Now the first ones have been taken.

Teemu Pukki emphasized that the Finns wanted to do the same as the Danes wanted to do. At the request of Denmark, it was decided to continue the game.

“After the match, we were happy with the win, even though I had in mind what had happened before,” Pukki said.

According to Markku Kanerva, in the match, Finland did what it had left to get from the tournament step by step: the first game, the first goal, the first victory and the first points. One thing at a time.

“Now they all just came in the same match at once.”

When Our countrythe song played Kanerva’s feelings surfaced, as he had predicted. The generation’s dream was coming true and for the head coach it was a great moment, as it was for many others.

“But we’re not content with this,” Kanerva said.

Now the Owls are looking for a sequel in the first block.

Christian Eriksen is transported off the field after a serious illness.

Danish the post-match press conference provided more information on what happened to Christian Eriksen on the field.

When the medical staff reached the surface of the field directly, Eriksen, who had shortened his run, was unconscious but breathing.

Resuscitation was started immediately. It allowed Eriksen to regain consciousness and speak to his caregivers.

Immediately after the match, however, the members of the national team had not spoken to those close to Eriksen. They did not know exactly what the situation was in the hospital at the time.

Coach of Denmark Kasper Hjulmand stressed what is important in life.

“Family. close people, friends. ”

For him, Eriksen is a friend and he praised the Danish players as people who care about each other.

The coach also said the players did not want to decide whether to continue or postpone the match until Sunday until they knew what had happened to Eriksen.

When the message of Eriksen’s improvement and stabilization came, it was decided to finish the match on Saturday night.

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