European Football Championship Laser interference, boating and fireworks were too much – Uefa investigates English supporters

Uefa launched investigations into the events of the European Semifinals on Thursday.

European Uefa has launched an investigation into the disruptive behavior of English supporters, the Danish newspaper BT says on its website.

The studies relate to the England-Denmark semi-finals of the European Football Championship played on Wednesday and focus on three different issues.

The first of these situations involves laser light interference. Those who watched the match on TV could notice how the Danish goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichelia was disturbed with a green laser light before the English penalty kick.

Schmeichel rejected Harry Kanen shot by Kane, but Kane was the first to make a rebound and scored England’s 2-1 win.

BT says that at least Jannik Vestergaard and Pierre-Emile Højbjerg detected laser interference during the match.

“I didn’t see it during the penalty kick, but I noticed it in the first half of the match. Pierre, in turn, mentioned the matter to the referee during the second half, ”Vestergaard tells BT.

In addition to laser interference, Uefa is investigating the behavior of English supporters during the match. The English audience buzzed in Wembley’s galleries during the Danish national anthem.

The third research topic is related to the use of fireworks in the auditorium.

England beat Denmark 2-1 and advanced to the final of the European Championships against Italy.



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