European Football Championship Italy presented the most special player change at the European Championships – behind the head coach’s “career bitter experience”

Italian head coach Roberto Mancini has given playing time to almost all the players on his team.

Italy has marched from victory to victory in Group A of the European Men’s Football Championships. Turkey and Switzerland fell by 3-0, and Wales by 1-0 in the final.

Against Wales head coach Roberto Mancini changed as many as eight players from the opening lineup compared to the previous match.

In addition, he used all five player substitutions in the match. The last of the exchanges was the most special of the tournament so far.

Mancini took the lead, 89 minutes into the game Gianluigi Donnarumman exchange and gave Salvatore Sirigulle I saw my debut at the European Championships.

Mancini has thus given the tournament time to all players in the third guard Alex Mereti except for.

The background seems to be Mancin’s own experience as a player. He was on the Italian team at the 1990 World Cup.

However, playing time didn’t detach for a minute in the bronze-ending races, and The Guardian’s reporter Nicky Bandinin according to Mancini has said this to be his bitter experience.



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