European Football Championship Italian sympathetic captain Giorgio Chiellini is a true model citizen – In his pocket is a master’s degree and two self-written books

Italian national team captain Giorgio Chiellini is the unshakable rock of the line of defense. He is a tireless fighter and leader who does not get close to his own and especially his opponents.

At the same time, however, Chiellini is also his team’s father figure and teddy bear. He could be frightened at first, and after a moment crunch as he flashes a wide smile on his face.

The 36-year-old veteran has charmed at the European Championships by leading Italy to victory in the championship. In the semi-finals penalty shootout, he came up with a topic without firing a single comma himself.

Chiellini hug and sheath warmly the Spanish captain Jordi Albaa, when the referee draws which team would start the polka dot competition. Alba became embarrassed and the embarrassed state of affairs eventually led the Spanish players to a bitter defeat.

The rankings had been settled even before the first shot, but Chiellin’s intentions were hardly bad. Now he just happened to miss intimacy from Alba.

Chiellini’s (left) fraternity did not sink into Jordi Alba in the European Championship semi-finals.

Chiellini is considered a person and also a very exemplary citizen. He often emphasizes that there is more to life than football. So, in addition to his playing career, he studied for himself with two degrees from the University of Turin.

In 2010, Chiellini graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics and seven years later as well Master of Business Administration. His dissertation dealt with the international business model at Juventus FC, in the company he represents.

For a hard-working student, the grades were also okay. Chiellini received his dissertation full 110 points.

Chiellini said in an interview with FIFP that he studied for a few hours every night until he had children. After that, he saved reading for guest game trips. Time was found anyway. Today, distance learning also makes everyday life easier for athletes.

“Even after a sports career, life is beautiful, but you have to prepare for it first. Otherwise, you might be 35 and you don’t know what you would do with your life, ”Chiellini says.

“Depression is just the right risk. Many players who have finished their careers are in financial difficulties because they have not thought about life after football at all. ”

Chiellinin according to the study has also helped him on the field side. With books, he forgot the stress of his day job. Studying helped keep the head sharp, and so quick solutions emerge in the field as well.

After his career, Chiellini plans to continue in football, but he will not become a coach. With his degrees, he aims for office work.

Chiellini has also excelled as a writer. He has published two books on football, the first of which was published in 2014.

C’è un Angelo bianconero – Il mio Maestro si chiama Scirea deals with the late legend of Juventus Gaetano Scireaa, who played for the team from 1974-1988. Scirea was also a Central Defender, and died tragically in a car accident at just 36 years old.

Io, Giorgio in turn, is Chiellini’s autobiography, published in 2020. Proceeds from the book were donated to charity.

Gaetano Scirea was an important figure for Chiellini.

Chiellinin the leadership qualities have developed over the decades into a really big resource for Juventus and the Italian national team. Nevertheless, he has not worn a captain’s strap except in the last years of his career.

For a long time, the task on both teams was handled by a goalkeeper legend Gianluigi Buffon. When Buffon left for the French PSG and ended his national team career, the role of captain was transferred to Chiellin as expected.

The defensive hero himself had time to end his national team career once again in November 2017, when Italy stayed on the beach for next year’s World Cup. However, he reversed his decision and returned to the team immediately four months later.

Chiellini has always been loyal to his club team. He has been playing at Juventus for 15 consecutive years. During that time, the team has won the Italian championship as many as nine times and the cup five times.

Chiellini won his most recent Serie A championship in the 2019-20 season.

When Juventus was dropped to Italy’s second highest league so-called CalciopoliDue to a severely mistimed tackle, Chiellini of FC. He helped Juventus become a Serie B champion and back in the main series the very next season.

Coronary pandemic Chiellini once again showed his leadership and also made use of his knowledge of the financial side persuading his teammates wage cuts.

The whole Juventus team and head coach Maurizio Sarri relinquished their three-month salaries to secure the club’s financial situation. Savings amounted to more than 90 million euros.

However, the season ravaged by Korona is getting a happy decision for Chiellin. The long run from the club team season to the European Championships culminates in Sunday’s final against England.

Chiellini may have seen his familiar partner in Italian defense again Leonardo Bonuccin, 34, alongside. The Iron Duo will face their toughest challenge in the tournament in the finals, but it is easy for them to rely on Italy when a tight spot comes.



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