European Football Championship Italian media rejoices in their country’s European Championship gold: “Football is at home in Italy too”

Italy defeated England to its day 39 years after its summer 1982 World Cup gold.

Football is coming home – football is coming home. With those words Marco Pasotto start columns Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport after the European Championships final.

Italy returned to become European champion for the first time since 1968 by defeating England at Wembley in a penalty shootout. The country’s most recent World Cup gold is from 2006.

Pasotto also writes that Italians can sing the words of the song Three Lions (Football’s coming home) familiar to the Englishman with a good conscience.

“Football is also at home in Italy, and it’s a beautiful all-blue home,” he explains.

“We are on the roof of Europe, we are returning, President [Sergio] Mattarellan after a 53-year hiatus and we will do it on exactly the same day as in Spain 39 years ago, ”Pasotto continues.

He refers to July 11, 1982. At that time, Italy knocked down West Germany’s Santiago Bernabé by 3-1 goals and won the third world championship in its history.

“We were stronger than the queen Elizabeth best wishes, Boris Johnson incentive and Tom Cruisen trick, ”Pasotto paints.

Another editor of the Italian sports magazine Corriere dello Sport Valerio Minutiello start your own their writing very similar to Pasotto.

It’s coming to Rome – it’s coming to Rome, Minutiello writes, noting the Italians are waiting for the trophy with open arms.

According to Minutiello, the crazy journey of the Italian national team from the qualifier of the previous World Cup to the defeated Belgian, Spain and England champions has largely erupted at Wembley. Roberto Mancinin thanks.

“The championship is above all his. He created an incredible, cohesive and really strong team that performed the best football of these games, ”Minutiello praises the champion coach.



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