European Football Championship Is it England’s turn now? Emotions can bubble in the D-block

Harry Kane’s goals can lead England far.

Perhaps an already slightly tired question is: will there finally be a sequel to the 1966 World Cup victory? England are often high in the preliminary estimates, and at the 2018 World Cup, the team also delivered on promises by reaching the semi-finals.

Be that as it may, Croatia has gone from the semi-finals to the final in the European Championships.

While there are plenty of foreign players in the English Premier League, the best football league in the world, the English also play important roles in their clubs. This is a big advantage for England: players get to play tough matches all the time.

“This should help us,” says the English captain Harry Kane.

European Championship qualifiers even the best scorer can be found on the England team: Kane with 12 goals. For comparison: Teemu Pukki scored ten goals. Kane, who represented Tottenham in the Premier League at least last season, scored 23 goals, but especially from the end of the season, injuries plagued the striker.

Although Kane strikes goals from season to season at a brisk pace, he has had to settle for personal awards in his career. In Tottenham, the Prize Cabinet is yawning empty, and the same situation is with the England national team.

“I’ve done many things, but there are still a number of things I want to achieve,” Kane told the BBC.

“I play to win and have those experiences with my teammates. That hasn’t happened yet, but I still have plenty of time. Yes them [mestaruuksia] will come. ”

While Kane receives offensive support from the national team in Manchester City, among others From Phil Foden, in the end, 27-year-old Kane needs a strong vibe to succeed in England.

Assessment: The torsion in England and Scotland will be drastic

English (fifa-ranking 4.): The block winner of the D-block will be decided immediately in the opening match of the block, where England and Croatia will face off. England seems stronger: it has a hungry and appropriately rejuvenated team.

Croatia (14th): Luka Modric is still the soul of the Croatian game, although the pace of Real Madrid midfielder has slowed slightly. The 2018 World Cup finalist will face perhaps the final races of the “golden generation”.

Czech Republic (40th): There are no big stars, but reasonable quality can be found, like in West Ham Tomáš Souček. The excerpts have been volatile: the home draw against Belgium from the March World Cup qualifiers is strong evidence.

Scotland (44th): Wembley will see a tough local torsion as Scotland and England meet on June 18th. Scotland can be found in strong situations going to Arsenal’s winger Paul Tierney under.

Estimate: England take the block win and Croatia is the clear second. The Czech Republic and Scotland compete for third place.



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