European Football Championship Huuhkaja fans are excited about the fate of Finland – ISTV’s live broadcast from Helsinki right now

Finland will face Belgium in the European Football Championship starting at 10 pm. HS shows ISTV’s live broadcast from Helsinki’s fan stands.

The metropolitan area Sports bars find themselves in a difficult situation today when only the first half of tonight’s football match can be shown due to coronary virus restrictions. Head coach of the owls Markku Kanerva keep coming The largest in the history of Finnish football.

HS shows a live broadcast of ISTV on the atmosphere of Huuhkaja fans in Helsinki before the game, at halftime and after the game.

HOK regional director of livelihood restaurants Satu Rytkönen regrets that the historical game cannot be shown to the end. He expects restaurants to lose revenue due to restrictions.

In the match starting at 10 pm, Finland will face Belgium, which holds the leading position in the FIFA ranking of the International Football Association. The match is extremely important for the Owners, as its result is likely to decide a possible place in the European Championships.

Existing coronavirus restrictions However, restaurants in Uusimaa, Kanta-Häme and Päijät-Häme will have to close their doors as early as 11 p.m.

Rytkönen believes that many people want to see an important match without interruptions and therefore stay home to watch the game.

“Yes, we will lose sales today when the match cannot be shown until the end. It’s a major match, and I’m terribly afraid that many will stay home to watch it. “

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If football fans want to see the game without interruption, after the first half they have to run home to the screens or come up with alternative ways to follow the game.

“It’s a real pity that we have to interrupt the customers in the middle of a nice evening. However, there are no other options, ”says Rytkönen.

He still believes that many are going to watch the match from the restaurant, even with the threat that part of the match will not be seen. Rytkönen also says that he is happy that the restaurants can even show the beginning of the match at all.

Restaurants should ensure that seats are closed and guests are outside by 11 p.m. Those who follow the game from the restaurants must buy their drinks before ten o’clock, after which they can be enjoyed until closing time.

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