European Football Championship From a fiery butt to subdued ventilation – HS’s image compilation shows step by step the historic goal of Pohjanpalo

Joel Pohjanpalo showed his best skills in the winning goal of the Denmark match.

Owls hit their first all-time championship goal in a preliminary round match against Denmark.

The historic hit was made by a 26-year-old striker Joel Pohjanpalo. Pohjanpalo, who struggled with numerous injuries in his career, received a wonderful award for his hard work over the years.

The goal brought Finland its first victory in the value competitions. Denmark fell 1-0. Pohjanpalo’s butt was Huuhkajie’s only goal attempt in the whole match.

Northern fire is known as a great main player. No wonder the paint was created specifically by pushing.

After the finish, the attacker ventilated restrainedly. Previously, a match between Denmark Christian Eriksen had slammed into the surface of the field. The Eriksen players could smell victory in the air.

The image compilation shows step by step how the historic goal of Pohjanpalo was created.

Jere Uronen’s concentration finds Pohjanpalo, who cunningly attacks the situation from behind Joakim Maehle (# 5).

There is enough strength in the butt. The Finnish striker orthodontically directs the ball downwards so that it is as difficult to fight as possible.

The bottom fire descends grimacing. Maehle already knows he’s moccased.

The ball is in play. Owl Robin Lod also witnesses a historic moment from the fence.

Emotions are released for a moment after the goal.

Quickly, however, Pohjanpalo remembers to put things in order of priority. Eriksen’s condition is now the most important thing, not the European Championship paint – although Finland’s first of its kind.

The scorer seems to be taking it calmly now.

These images will remain in the minds of Owl fans. The European Championship debut became a memorable one.



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