European Football Championship Finland’s place of continuation is still possible – this would require it

Finland can advance to the top four in the top three.

Finland lost their final first-round match to Belgium by 0-2 on Sunday and finished third in Belgium and Denmark.

Despite the loss, Finland has the opportunity to advance to third place, but it would require suitable results in the remaining three blocks.

The owls should leave two block triples behind to make the place in the top 16 stand out.

This would leave block triplets behind:

Block D: Croatia and Scotland need to play a draw. Then both would end up at two points. With other results, the winner will pass Finland.

Block E: Poland will not beat Sweden. In addition, Slovakia will beat Spain or Spain will beat Slovakia by at least three goals.

Block F: France beat Portugal by at least four goals or Hungary beats Germany by at least four goals.

In two of these blocks, scenarios need to materialize in order for Owls to survive the quarterfinals.

The next matches are scheduled for Tuesday as the D-block is completed.



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