European Football Championship Fantastic free kick took Denmark to 1-0 lead, England missed goal for first time in all European Championships – HS follows semi-final moment by moment

England and Denmark will decide in London which of the teams will advance to Sunday’s European Championship final as their Italian opponent.

Fanatical the English audience will finally get to see the football match it has been waiting for for 25 years on Wednesday.

The European-Danish semi-final between England and Denmark has been called Wembley’s biggest match since the 1996 European Championship semi-final, where England fell against Germany with penalty kicks.

Now England want to leave that match only in the depths of dusty history books and advance to the European Championship finals for the first time. 60,000 spectators have arrived at Wembley’s classic football stadium to witness it come true.

HS is watching the match moment by moment in the live coverage below.



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