European Football Championship Fans sent racist messages to English players, Twitter says it has deleted more than 1,000 messages

Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka failed in a decisive penalty shootout on Sunday between England and Italy. Arsenal demanded action from social media platforms.

Crucial failed on Sunday night in the men’s European Championship finals Bukayo Saka has been subjected to such intense racist hatred that Saka’s club team Arsenal released a press release on Monday to support the player.

Saka, 19, who played for a seven-year-old at the London Club, showed leadership and character at the European Championships, which made the club feel proud of its upbringing.

“This feeling soon turned into grief when our young player came under racist comments on social media after the game,” the club wrote.

“We are sad that we have to say once again that we condemn racism against black players. This can not continue. Social media platforms and authorities need to take action to ensure that this daily disgusting harassment of players ends now. ”

Later on Monday, a Twitter spokesman told the news agency Reuters that the company has deleted more than 1,000 messages containing racism. In addition, several accounts have been removed from the service.

English coach Gareth Southgate condemned the harassment at a press conference on Monday. He said messages have also come from countries other than England.

Also The Football Association of England (FA) condemned the racist behavior against players on the internet.

In its own press release, the FA said racist people are not welcome in the stands while the team is playing.

The alliance also said it would do everything possible to hold those responsible for racist behavior accountable for their actions.

Also Prime Minister of England Boris Johnson has taken a stand on Twitter. Johnson says team members should be treated as heroes and perpetrators of racist harassment should be ashamed.



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