European Football Championship “Excellent pisser” and young Zlatan – follow these two as Sweden challenges Spain

The e-block shows the encounter of young stars in the opening round.

When Spain and Sweden will face off in the E-block match of the European Championships on Monday at 10 pm, two young people will run on the field, bringing to mind the stars belonging to the legends of both national teams.

Names Pedri and Alexander Isak are familiar especially to Spanish La Liga followers, but after the European Championships, their names will surely be known to millions of new football fans.

Barcelona the game for the 18-year-old midfielder is reminiscent in many ways of a club legend Andrés Iniestaa. Neither strength is Direct Speed ​​or Explosiveness, but you still manage to overtake your opponent.

“Both are excellent pissers,” says an HS expert Miika Nuutinen.

“Overtaking is not based on an example Kylian Mbappén explosive speed or learned delusions. Lowering your shoulder gives you one wrong step from the defender you get a gate that you use immediately and can pass. ”

Pedri arrived at Barcelona Camp Noulle from Las Palmas and succeeded in a stunt where many of the more famous have failed. He found a playful connection Lionel Messin with almost immediately.

“Messi took Pedri as his playful brother, which is a great recognition for the young player.”

Pedri is a multi-purpose midfielder whose strengths lie in playing and passing in small spaces. He has played in Barcelona in several different midfield pitches, but at his best he is the top left midfielder. It is also his most likely role on the Spanish national team.

“The masterful first touch, the frequent contact frequency of the carriage with the ball and the violent turn, combined with good observation and perception of the spaces, make Pedri almost impossible to squeeze.”

Long passes are hardly seen by Pedri, but he often plays the ball close. However, he is capable of good breaking passes and freeing up his teammates for passes.

The biggest weakness is inefficiency. An attacking player from Pedri’s skills could expect higher goals.

“It required significant development in boxing movement and finishing skills.”

Defending isn’t Pedri’s strongest part, but he still handles his defensive responsibilities quite conscientiously, and the stats are at least reasonable for the attacking player. In pressing, good perception of spaces and hard work morale create a strong foundation for development.

Spain uses some rotation of players ’seats on the left. Pedri organizes the rotation with his movement lower in front of the midfield line or width.

“It’s worth watching Pedri’s play well in advance of receiving the ball.”

Alexander Isak (right) is a skilled and fast striker.

Swedish the career path of the latest striker star, Alexander Isak, has traveled from Stockholm’s AIK through the Bundesliga’s Dortmund and Dutch main series Willem II to La Liga and Real Sociedad in Spain, where the Swede has really blossomed.

Isak scored as many as 17 goals in La Liga last season and was sixth on the goal exchange. Real Sociedad placed fifth in the series.

In addition to a customized game style, there are, of course, the player’s characteristics and their utilization. The 192-cent Isak is a fast and excellent ball handler.

“Isak is a bit young in style Zlatan Ibrahimovićia, i.e. an attacker who is able to create an advantage for himself by bypassing and building goals for himself. He shows little street player, but also a lot to learn. Not just free football, ”Miika Nuutinen estimates.

Isak is adept at moving deep between lines and working his back towards the goal. He can act as a feed wall in game building, but he is also able to disengage from his guard on the first touch.

Isak is able to create goal scoring situations for himself and finish near and far with both feet.

“The object of development is how to make better choices when running towards the line. For a young striker, typically decision-making in the form of a ball could be even better, at times Isak loses advantage in the 10-zone. ”

Nuutinen, who has studied the statistics, says that Isak is one of the few attackers who has managed to outperform his own goal for a couple of years now.

“This can be interpreted as Isak’s finish is at an excellent level.”

In the defensive direction Isak, on the other hand, still has a lot to improve. Despite his height, he doesn’t win very many main balls, and there won’t be a significant amount of ball exploits either. Rear presses can instead be expected from him in the disciplined Swedish national team.

“Isak needs players alongside him who can attack the back of the line of defense when he comes in.”

“While the collaboration between Isaki and Zlatan would have been fascinating to see, in terms of player profiles, it may be better for Isaki to play with a different kind of striker. Now he doesn’t have to complement Zlatan’s movements himself. ”



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