European Football Championship “Everyone saw how miserable Belgium’s defense can be” – this is how the world assesses Finland’s chances in tonight’s solution

The media and football analysts around the world have played their part and assessed Finland’s chances against Belgium. This is what the reviews look like.


“In Finland there is a chance to join the top sixteen Belgian clubs after winning Denmark in their opening match, but I don’t think their points catch has accumulated today, ”says the English BBC Assessor.

According to the BBC, while everyone saw how lousy Belgian defense can be at worst, everyone also saw how good Belgium is when their best players are on the field.

Kevin de Bruyne changed everything after he came to the field at halftime, and the bad news for Finns is that he is involved today from the start. ”

“Finland played well against Russia in their last European Championship match and they were unlucky when they didn’t even get a point. They have enough points to move on, but it feels like a high-quality attack from Belgium will take the win. 1–0 for Belgium, ”the Independent newspaper predicts.

The British Evening Standard also predicts a one-goal victory for Belgium, but Finland will also score a goal.

“Belgium started slowly against Denmark, but their quality dictated the course of the game in the second period – and the same should happen today. 2–1 for Belgium, ”the journal says.

“First winning the value tournament game in their account Finns are now seriously looking for a place to continue. Belgium is not playing its best opening line-up, so Finland should have a chance to make it, ”says the American CBS Sports.

CBS reminds that Finland was able to draw 1–1 in the world rankings against Ukraine, which was ranked 24th in the World Cup qualifier, and in November won the world champion France.

“So they may surprise you,” CBS points out. disagrees.

It recalls in its assessment that the Belgian superstars Eden Hazard and Kevin de Bruyne are likely to start against Finland and say for the same reason that Finland has generally done very well for Belgium and has not lost for decades.

“But I don’t think anyone seriously believes that the same pace will continue today.”

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