European Football Championship England got mixed up from the final spot of the European Championships: The video shows how supporters celebrate on the streets

Police arrested 20 people in London.

First the 55-year-old finals of the football championships led England supporters to celebrate in the streets, homes and cupolas.

“I’m still trying to gauge what happened. I’ve never seen England get to the finals, ”the 22-year-old Vic Richards said British newspaper The Guardian.

“It’s beautiful and amazing. I love this country, the players gave their all. This is a historic opportunity and we may never see one again, ”he said.

Greater London police have said, according to The Guardian, that 20 people were arrested in London during the party due to, among other things, riots and police assault.

Police had to disperse the crowd, among other things, as dozens of supporters climbed the roof of a double-decker bus in Leicester Square.

England’s 2-1 victory over Denmark was witnessed by around 60,000 spectators at Wembley Stadium. The number of viewers of television broadcasts is measured in millions, the British broadcaster BBC telli but did not reveal the exact figures on thursday morning.

Some idea of ​​the spectator numbers can be obtained from the semi-finals played against Ukraine. According to the BBC, the match was watched by 20.9 million spectators at its best.

English played its previous value final in 1966, when it defeated Germany in the World Cup final played at the old Wembley.

The front pages of British media sighed with relief on Thursday morning. Many magazines, such as the Daily Express, the Daily Mirror, and the Metro, condensed their headlines into words finally that is, finally. Some underlined the final place by emphasizing the first five letters of the word, or final.

The Times headlined the historic finals, England’s first in value tournaments in 55 years. England has never played in the European Championship finals.

The Daily Telegraph also reported on its front page about the historic achievement. The Guardian brought out England’s dreams when telling about the first final spot after 1966.

On its front page, the Daily Mail relied on the power of pun to declare “Kane you believe it!” In its title, the magazine refers to a shotgun in the extra time Harry Kaneen as well as the question can you believe it – Can you believe it?

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The Sun quotes both the stylization of its title and the slogan from the Danish brewing giant Carlsberg. Carlsberg declares its beer to be probably the best in the world, while The Sun raises the mood to beer.

In its cover, the Daily Star asks if the English final place is the biggest dream of all time. At the same time, the magazine urges people to tear apart their wallets during the shopping trip.

“It’s best to buy two songs today because we may not make it to the second final in 55 years,” the Daily Star writes on its front page.



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