European Football Championship “Destroyed”, headlines after French shock loss to L’Equipe – Kylian Mbappé came into the spotlight after a decisive failure

France dropped out of the European Football Championships after losing a two-goal lead against Switzerland in the quarter-finals.

The Games France, one of the winning favorites, was unexpectedly eliminated from the European Championships as early as the quarter-finals when it lost with penalty kicks to Switzerland.

“Destroyed,” read the front page of France’s largest sports magazine, L’Equipe.

Former French midfielder who has been an expert on the English ITV channel Patrick Vieira described According to the BBC this year’s national team weak.

“There was no unity or spirit in the team at all. We didn’t play as a team, so we didn’t deserve to advance to the next round, ”Vieira criticized.

Former national team defender Willy Sagnol in turn wondered as an expert on L’Equipe Head coach of France Didier Deschamps’n numerous tactical trials and constant changes throughout the tournament. According to Sagnol, Deschamps experimented with four different formations and ways of playing during six matches.

France led the Monday night match with two goals already, but Switzerland tightened to a 3–3 draw at the end of the regular season.

Extra time was goalless, so the winner was settled with a tough one. Their only loser was the French star Kylian Mbappé, whose races formed a completely paintless streak.

As expected, Mbappé did not receive any more praise from the French press, but was highlighted as the biggest loser both against Switzerland and throughout the tournament. In L’Equipe’s player reviews Mbappé received Nelonen.

Mbappé apologized on social media for his failed failure in the penalty shootout. He already received nearly three million likes in six hours for his release on Instagram.

“I wanted to help the team, but I failed. Getting a dream after this is going to be hard, but the extremes of emotion is what I love about this sport, ”Mbappé wrote in the caption.



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