European Football Championship Danish star Christian Eriksen fell to the surface – Finland’s European Championship debut was suspended

Such should not be experienced by any player. The owl match got a dramatic turn when the Danish star player Christian Eriksen suddenly fell to the surface of the field unconscious a few minutes before the break.

First, the medics of the Danish team ran to the scene. Then four members of the stadium medical staff and a stretcher carrying a stretcher.

The situation looked dire after the Danish players surrounded the player’s hands on their faces. The medical staff resuscitated the player with a cardiac massage, and five rescue staff members ran to the scene with an additional cardiac resuscitation device. Resuscitation continued for several minutes.

The Finnish players were terribly waiting for the situation on the field. The closest to Eriksen in the situation was Finland’s real Winger Defender Jukka Raitala was squatting in shock, and Paulus Arajuuri comforted him.

Eriksen’s resuscitation was protected from sight by sheets and also by a Finnish flag grabbed from the auditorium.

At the same time, it seemed that Eriksen’s close, possibly wife, had calmed down near the center line when he had come to the side of the field. Star stopper Simon Kjaer and goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel went to reassure him.

After about ten minutes, Eriksen was transported on a stretcher out of the field.

A photographer for the news agency Reuters said he saw Eriksen raise his hand on a stretcher.

At 20.02, the match narrator announced that “we have a situation that is why we ask you to stay put”.

Jere Uronen in the game situation with Christian Eriksen in tonight’s European Championship match.



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