European Football Championship Danish football fans don’t believe in the potential of the Owls – “You don’t have enough players in the tough leagues”

Danish students have a humorous understanding of the Finnish European Championship dreams.


Owls Saturday night’s match against Denmark is important for Finns, but it is also for young Danish people – to the point of humor.

For them, the final result of the match is clear: 3–1. Denmark wins.

I don’t think so now, don’t bother!

“I know Teemu Pukin. He scores a goal, ” Tobias Urhoej softens on a warm afternoon on the outskirts of Parken Stadium on the park lawn in Copenhagen.

He is there hanging out and playing höntsäparkutut together with his fellow students. They all study functional therapy at Copenhagen University of Applied Sciences.

“Belgium wins the block, Denmark is second. Then come Russia and Finland. Finland can defeat Russia, ”Urhoej reflects.

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Bethel Makumbu is duller.

“Finland is not doing well, you do not have enough players in tough leagues.”

Oh, no? Keeper Lukas Hradecky plays in the Bundesliga at Bayer Leverkusen.

“Leverkusen is not a top club.”

Striker Joel Pohjanpalo cannon goals for the Bundesliga Union Berlin.

“The Union is not tough.”

Fredrik Jensen and Augsburg do not mention. Apparently for Danish students, the Bundesliga is something of a second tier.

Bethel Makumbu, Amanda Sofia May Sorensen, Trine Hagen Aldrup, Darcy Nishimwe and Tobias Urhoej spent Friday night playing football in the park. They don’t promise much about European football for Finland.

Urhoej however, recalls that Pukki played in Denmark and Lukas Hradecky as well, but he does not list the others who played in Denmark. They are in the Finnish national team Jesse Joronen (Horsens, FCK), Paulus Arajuuri (Bröndby), Daniel O’Shaughnessy (Central Jutland), Jukka Raitala (Vestsjaelland, Aalborg), Pyry Soiri (Esbjerg), Tim Sparv (Central Jutland), Joni Kauko (Randers, Esbjerg).

“Yes, Finland has a chance to win the match”, Darcy Nishimwe stroking the speeches of others.

“Darcy is kind,” Urhoej says in a therapeutic gentle tone.

“No no!”

“Finland has a good team. If they play together as a team, they can win. I always believe in under-respondents, ”Nishimwe smiles.

So. Kindness is a good thing, and when faith moves mountains, a pair of flat Denmark doesn’t feel anywhere.

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