European Football Championship Croatia took 1-0 lead against Scotland and Owl chances waned: HS follows moment by moment

If Croatia and Scotland play a tie, the Owls will stay ahead of them in the third comparison.

Finland the first straw will be in play on Tuesday night as Croatia and Scotland face off at the European Football Championship in a Group D game. The match started at 10 pm and the situation is 1-0 for Croatia in the opening half. From Finland’s point of view, the best result of the match would be a draw.

HS follows the events of the match in a moment-by-moment follow-up found below this story.

Owls lost to Belgium on Monday and was third in his block. There are three points in size and the goal difference is -2. The Owl Tournament will continue if it is among the top four in the block three.

There are a total of six blocks, so Owls should win two block triples in the comparison. So far, there is none behind: of the three blocks already completed, Owls is the weakest block three.

The comparison is decided first by the score, then by the goal difference and then by the goals scored.

D-block the third can stay behind Finland in only one case: Croatia and Scotland should play a draw with any number. In that case, both end up with two points, which is not enough against the three of the Owls.

Instead, if either wins the match, the block jumbo remains in its current balance by one point. The winner, on the other hand, rises to four points, with England and the Czech Republic also facing up in the second match of the evening. The four-point teams are ahead of the Owners.

Since Finland and Ukraine are both in three points in the third comparison, four points are enough to secure a place in the third place.

The match between Scotland and Croatia will be played in Glasgow, Scotland. The Czech Republic and England meet in London.



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