European Football Championship Anti-gay songs and an outrageous spectacle caused Uefa to investigate Hungarian supporters

Hungarian supporters behaved in a discriminatory manner in the first round match of the European Championships against Germany.

European on the eve of Midsummer, the football association Uefa announced that it was investigating discriminatory events in the opening round of the European Championships in Germany-Hungary.

Uefa did not specify in its bulletin what its investigations were about. However, a Uefa spokesman told news agency AFP that the events and behavior in the stadium auditorium are under investigation.

Hungarian supporters are being investigated for, among other things, monkey vocals and anti-gay songs. In addition, the German newspaper Bild said on Friday from the outrageous spectacle of Hungarian supporters and anti-sexual and gender minorities.

”LGBT? No, thank you, ”the sheet reads.

LMBT is the Hungarian abbreviation for lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people. In addition, a ban sign is painted on the sheet, in which two men have sex.

Police had to intervene in the actions of some supporters already during a match played on Wednesday, AFP said.

The gap between Germany and Hungary cooled as the city of Munich planned to illuminate the Allianz arena with a rainbow flag during the match to show support for Hungary’s sexual and gender minorities and to protest against Hungary’s Viktor Orbánin against the government.

The enlightenment was not carried out because Uefa denied it. However, numerous Germans arrived at the match in rainbow colors, and one supporter dressed in a German jersey even rushed to the field during the Hungarian national anthem, waving a rainbow flag.

A supporter dressed in a German jersey rushed to the field during the Hungarian national anthem, waving a rainbow flag.

The match between Germany and Hungary ended in a 2-2 draw, which meant Germany’s second place in the block and Hungary’s home as the block jumbo. Germany will face England in their quarter-final match on Tuesday.



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