European Football Championship According to Boris Johnson, England played heroically – Players received both support and “nauseating behavior” on social media

On social media, the majority of Englishmen settled in support of the English team after the lost European Championship final.

Long and the much-anticipated European Championship final ended in a sad mood for England.

Young substitutes Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka failed in succession in their penalty kicks, and as a result, Italy took the European Championship.

Traditionally, England is known for the failures of value races to become the enemy of the whole nation. This time, however, countless people immediately settled in support of the players who failed in the penalty kicks, and comforting comments rained down on their Instagram posts.

One Those who gave their support on Twitter were a media person known for their sharp statements and opinions that often challenged mainstream views. Piers Morgan.

“I admire every player who emerges in such an important match and shows a square to give a penalty kick. Especially if they are only 19, 21 and 23 years old, ”Morgan wrote.

“So brave young,” former football star Steven Gerrard wrote on Instagram’s caption Sakasta.

Britannian prime minister Boris Johnson gave their support to the whole team. Johnson described the way of losing as heartbreaking, but he said the Englishman, led by Gareth Southgate, played like heroes.

“They have done honor to the country and deserve a great glow,” Prime Minister Johnson tweeted.

Theater director Andrew Keates wrote that he is not a football fan but knows who Marcus Rashford is.

“He is the young man who fought to feed children in Britain by lobbying the government and inspiring national change. He’s a hero who also happens to be a football player, ”Keates wrote.

Right unilateral support was still not – is English after all, still English.

Reatford mentioned by Keates history of social influence was also used as a percussion weapon.

“Honestly, Marcus Rashford, punishments and not politics from now on, okay,” wrote a political commentator Darren Grimes.

Unfortunately, this time, too, racism could not be completely avoided on social media. Spokesman for the English Football Association told the BBCthat the alliance is appalled by the racism and discrimination against some players on the internet.

“We couldn’t be clearer in our message that no one behind such nauseating behavior is welcome to follow the team,” the alliance was told.

Supporters ’feelings for hate messages were summed up by the author Matt Haig.

“Anyone who insults Rashford, Sancho and Saka is a national stigma,” he tweeted.

BBC reporter Sangita Myskan the racist comments received by the players are a good indication of why the England team has knelt before the matches of the European Championships.



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