EU The meeting of EU leaders continues on economic issues – inflation and energy concerns weigh on member states

On Thursday, EU leaders approved Ukraine and Moldova as candidates for membership.


European Union leaders will continue their summit in Brussels on Friday to address economic concerns in the EU and the eurozone.

The main ones are inflation in the EU and worries about energy prices and supply in the coming months.

Inflation in the euro area exceeded 8% in May. The main reason was the rise in energy prices.

The President of the European Central Bank will also attend the meeting Christine Lagarde and the President of the Eurogroup Paschal Donohoe.

According to the meeting, the Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi would like to hold a separate summit on the economy in July.

Thursday EU leaders made a historic decision on Ukraine’s and Moldova’s candidacy for membership. A third country that has recently applied for membership of the EU, Georgia, has not yet applied for membership, but it will be pulled closer to the Union by promising it a perspective, that is, the prospect of membership.

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In addition EU leaders discussed France’s proposal to create a wider European community, including non-EU countries. Such a community could include, for example, countries wishing to join the EU and EFTA countries such as Norway, Switzerland and Iceland – and also Britain, which has left the EU.

Some EU countries are careful not to have a president Emmanuel Macronin the favorite idea would become a substitute for EU enlargement, a kind of eternal waiting room. The idea is still being developed by the President of the European Council Charles Michel.

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