Ethiopia Ethiopian army orders Tigray civilians to flee for their lives and launch a full-scale attack on the capital

“You have been instructed to break away from the junta, and after that the mercy is not known,” an army spokesman said.

Ethiopia civilians in the rebel state of Tigray were urged to flee on Sunday before the Ethiopian army launched a full-scale attack on the capital, Mekele. Army spokesman Dejene Tsegaye said that the army intends to launch a final attack and lay siege Mekelen half a million inhabitants.

“The next crucial battle is to surround Mekele with tanks,” he said.

Residents are best off getting underneath.

“Save yourself. You have been instructed to break away from the junta, and after that no mercy will be given. ”

Ethiopian Prime Minister and last year’s Peace Nobel Laureate Abiy Ahmed launched a military offensive against Tigray in November after accusing Tigray rebel forces of attacking two military bases.

Dozens thousands of people have fled the battles of Tigray and hundreds have died. The UN fears the number of refugees will soon rise to hundreds of thousands. Access to information on the situation in Tigray is difficult because Ethiopia has lost contact with it. The Aby government says the military has taken over several cities in Tigray in recent days and is approaching Mekele.

Leader of the Tigray ruling party forces Debretsion Gebremichael assured his troops to put a hard on hard in Mekele.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TKVR), which previously led Ethiopian politics, has been sidelined in the country and has revolted against the Aby leadership.

Abiy has rejected all offers to start peace talks with the rebels.


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