Ethiopia Ethiopia detained thousands of its former allies in Amhara

According to the UN, millions are suffering from malnutrition in the midst of fighting in northern Ethiopia.

Ethiopia authorities have detained more than four thousand people in the northern region of Amhara. At least some of those arrested belong to forces that have so far been allies of the government.

The arrests are part of a large-scale operation against armed groups and opposition activists, Reuters reports, citing local media reports.

More than two hundred detainees are suspected of murder or murder, Amharan area security officer Desalegne Tasew told Amhara Media Corporation. According to Tasew, these detainees were acting on behalf of a paramilitary group called Fano. After all, the authorities did not report any crimes committed by the detainees.

Amharan in the war that began in 2020, security forces in the area and the Fano Group fought in the ranks of the government against the rebels in the Tigray area. Nowadays, the gap between some decision-makers in the Amhara region and the central government has become inflamed.

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According to data from the beginning of the year, there is famine in the northern regions of Tigray, Amhara and Afar in Ethiopia, and about nine million people are malnourished. Not enough international aid has been delivered to the region due to the fighting, says the UN food program WFP.

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Correction 23.5. at 8.26pm: It was previously wrongly mentioned in the story that Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed was from Amhara. He is from the province of Oromia.

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