Estonia | Estonia asks Finland to ease entry restrictions – Tallink’s CEO: Healthcare workers could suspend working in Finland in protest

According to Foreign Minister Reinsalu, Finland’s policy will in practice suspend business travel between the countries.

Estonia calls on the Finnish Government to ease restrictions on the entry of workers. The Estonian Foreign Minister will report on the matter Urmas Reinsalu Facebookin its update and the broadcaster To the ERR.

Finland announced new restrictions on border traffic on Friday. From Wednesday, only commuting, which is essential for security of supply and the functioning of society, will be allowed at internal borders. The aim of the changes is to prevent the spread of new coronavirus variants.

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The new restrictions decided by the government will, among other things, suspend the movement of construction labor to Finland. Finland normally has tens of thousands of foreign construction workers, most of whom are from Estonia.

According to Reinsalu, Finland’s policy practically interrupts commuting between the countries.

“This is not acceptable to the Estonian government,” Reinsalu told ERR.

Estonia the aim is to continue commuting. When the restrictions come into force, thousands of people working in Finland will have to decide whether to stay in Finland for a longer period of time or return home to their families, ERR writes.

The restrictions announced by Finland will continue for 30 days until the end of February. Testing and quarantine recommendations are also being tightened. The quarantine recommendation returns to border crossings.

Finland The CEO of Tallink also took a fresh stand on Twitter Paavo Nõgene. He proposed in his tweetthat Estonian healthcare workers working in Finland could also interrupt their work and thus show solidarity with construction workers.

“Otherwise, the Finnish government does not realize that its choice is ugly. They [pääsevät maahan], what is needed are not others, ”Nõgene wrote.


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