Essay | In the morning I celebrated the long-awaited coronary vaccine, the next few days I was in a cabin with a fever – yet I feel privileged

Those who are worried about the usual side effects of the vaccine send reports to Fimea in vain, writes Toni Lehtinen, the domestic supplier of HS.

Free vaccination times! I logged in to the booking system of the city of Turku a couple of weeks ago, but this time I finally got a vaccination time for myself.

I belong to another risk group in the coronavirus vaccine order, and the concern about the infection has been around for a long time. If I got infected, I would have a multiple risk of being hospitalized.

My vaccination time was on Thursday last week. In Turku, vaccinations are given at the Turku Exhibition Center.

Hall A has been transformed into a vaccination center with twenty vaccination rooms and dozens of separate chairs. Red Cross workers direct me to wait for my time for one of them.

First the side effect rises rapidly after vaccination: pain at the injection site in the right shoulder.

After vaccination, the pain gradually spreads all over the shoulder on Thursday morning, and the shoulder becomes sensitive to touch. Even a shoulder-cut old injury yawns.

My own vaccination time was nine in the morning at the beginning of my shift. Throughout the day, I understand why the nursing staff has been vaccinated at the end of the shift. Adverse symptoms may begin rapidly after vaccination.

To the body spiked Astra Zeneca Covid-19 vaccine. The 0.5 ml dose contained live non-reproductive adenovirus and a very small amount of polysorbate 80. Polysorbate 80 for use in food and medicine acts as a stabilizer in the vaccine.

The vaccine causes strong reactogenicity in my body. It refers to the ability of the vaccine to cause side effects, the most common of which are injection site pain, redness, heat and swelling. Other common side effects include fever, pitting, and fatigue.

I recognize all of these symptoms except for the fever as early as Thursday afternoon, six hours after vaccination.

I’m thinking, that severe adverse symptoms ensure that I receive exceptionally good protection from the vaccine against the coronavirus.

However, the relationship between adverse symptoms and vaccine protection is not straightforward. The number or severity of adverse events does not directly correlate with the magnitude of antibody responses or cellular responses.

However, my thoughts have not been drawn from the wind, as in the past, experts thought of side effects as “no pain, no gain,” that is, freely translated, some reaction is some kind of guarantee of good protection.

Today, it is thought that adverse reactions tell more about an individual’s characteristics. Human defense reactions are of different types. Some people are prone to high fever, some have a milder fever reaction.

Adverse symptoms also do not have to be tolerated, but now the guideline is to take NSAIDs for any possible pain. Studies show that the effectiveness of the vaccine is not reduced by painkillers.

About my symptoms I am happy in spite of the vaccine. After just over three weeks, I already have more than 80 percent protection against a serious form of coronary heart disease. I will post a picture of my vaccination certificate on Facebook with the accompanying text “turning point”.

And the turning point in the vaccination project is. The development of vaccines was already an exceptional achievement. From the time the coronavirus was identified, it took less than a year for the first vaccine to be completed and conditionally authorized. In Finland, vaccinations began in December, and now more than half a million Finns have received at least the first vaccination dose.

Vaccines have been given to nearly 400 million people worldwide.

The speed of vaccine development has raised concerns about the possible side effects of vaccines. I also remember cases of narcolepsy caused by the swine flu vaccine.

Despite all the studies, vaccines can only reveal rare side effects as the vaccine population grows.

The day after vaccination my symptoms are similar to when i had the flu years ago. The fever remains at nearly 39 degrees despite medication, and the muscle pain is unbearable. My vaccinated shoulder does not tolerate any contact.

Coronavirus vaccines have more side effects than usual.

According to a British study, one in three people receiving Pfizer-Biontech’s Comirnaty vaccine experienced some side effects. The most common of these was local pain at the vaccine site. Fever increased in 17% of those who received the first dose of vaccine.

The study involved 40,000 vaccine recipients, the majority of whom were medical staff.

The number of the most common adverse symptoms in Finland has been so high that the National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) asked the municipalities administering the vaccination to inform those vaccinated that adverse reactions can, at worst, lead to a few days of sick leave.

In hospitals, for example, ward nursing staff have been vaccinated in stages, so that the entire ward staff is not sick at the same time.

Adverse symptoms are usually associated with vaccine adjuvants. Some vaccine products have a greater ability to produce these side effects. Coronavirus vaccines developed on a fast schedule are the result of a balancing act. Manufacturers have balanced with symptoms and efficacy.

What amount of antigen in the vaccine provides good enough protection but would not be too reactogenic?

The greater part however, those vaccinated do not show any symptoms. I am sending a message to two of my acquaintances who have also received the vaccine. One developed a mild headache after vaccination and the other did not notice any side effects.

One of them says about his concern: when there were no side effects at all, is the vaccine less effective?

His concern is probably futile, as the vaccine can produce a response in the body against the virus without any side effects. There is individual variation in response efficacy, but asymptomaticness is not a sign of a poor response.

In Finland There are three coronavirus vaccines in use: Pfizer-Biontech Comirnaty, Astra Zeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine and Modernan’s Covid-19 vaccine.

By last week, about 900,000 doses of vaccine had come to Finland, of which 70 per cent were Comirnatya, 25 per cent Astra Zeneca vaccine and five per cent Moderna vaccine.

A record number of adverse drug reactions have been reported to the Pharmaceutical Safety and Development Center Fimea.

The highest number of adverse reactions (86%) is, of course, the most common Pfizer-Biontech vaccine.

According to adverse event reports, the most common symptoms with all three vaccines are fever, headache, muscle pain, and fatigue.

Should I also report a side effect? Not to be considered, as the reports do not collect information on already known common adverse reactions. Fever, headache, and others were already known at the time the drug was authorized.

The purpose of the reports is to detect information on new unidentified side effects that may affect up to 1 in a million people.

Saturday during the day the fever drops with the help of medication but rises again in the evening. The idea of ​​a possible coronavirus infection already comes to mind. Had I been infected and vaccinated asymptomatically?

I take comfort in the idea that if my reaction to the vaccine is so strong, my reaction to the virus itself could have been even worse. My risk of having a serious form of coronavirus disease as a risk group would have been high.

According to experts, the vaccine will be removed from the body within a few days of vaccination. After that, the symptoms should gradually disappear.

The general advice is that if your symptoms are prolonged and interfere with your daily life, you should seek treatment regardless of how long it has taken since the vaccination.

Some of the disadvantages of vaccination can only be revealed with a delay, but the majority within six weeks of vaccination.

I got it vaccine on the same day as Denmark announced its suspension Use of Astra Zeneca due to suspected thrombotic events. Now several countries have come to the same solution.

I can’t worry about the risk of blood clots. The same vaccine has been given to more than 11 million people in the UK, with no indication of increased blockage effects. No increased risk of coagulation disorders has been observed in Finland either.

In severe fever, however, the mind wanders to where it hurts, even to the fear of death. The risk of death after vaccination exists, but the risk is, of course, negligible.

Experts talk about vaccine safety at the population level, meaning the vaccine has not increased mortality but, in fact, the mortality of vaccinated people is lower than that of non-vaccinated ones.

More than 30 cases of death have been reported to Fimea. The majority of those who died had advanced underlying disease, which was the most likely cause of death. The majority of the dead were over 80 years of age.

Some of the dead patients had developed a fever after vaccination and the general condition had begun to deteriorate. According to Fimea, the contributing role of the vaccine in death cannot be completely ruled out.

My fever counts the night before Sunday as a blow. Apparently the vaccine is leaving my body. My vaccination coverage is now increasing every day and I will receive my second dose of vaccination in early June.

While I feel privileged, I look forward to another spike a little terrified. The concern is not alleviated by the fact that the side effects of the second dose of Astra Zeneca are usually less severe than the first dose.

With the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine, the second dose often causes more severe symptoms than the first dose.

Tuesday was reportedthat hockey team lock coach Pekka Virta underwent intensive care for nearly a month due to coronary infection.

The fever of a few days does not weigh anything at all in that comparison.

Experts interviewed for the case: Director Mika Rämet (Vaccine Research Center), Chief Physician Hanna Nohynek (THL), Chief Physician Tuija Leino (THL), Head of Unit Liisa Näveri (Fimea).

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