Essay | I am a friend and admirer of Russia, which is why I am also a sad NATO duck

Russia has been a realm of freedom for me. However, I prefer to take the occupying forces from elsewhere, writes linguist and non-fiction writer Janne Saarikivi in ​​her essay.

18.2. 10:05 | Updated 18.2. 18:45

It is said that war will break out in Ukraine. Actually, it is only accelerating, as the war began in 2014 when Russia seized the Crimean peninsula. But as the war continues for years, it is no longer news.

I’m not an expert on wars but I can take a look. At least Russia is familiar. My life as a researcher of Finno-Ugric languages ​​has been an endless field trip to Russia. There are friends and hundreds of acquaintances. I have visited towns and villages, the kitchens of professors and people. I speak moderate Russian and many Russian minority languages.

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