Erdogan gives victory speech thinking about 2024 municipal elections

Turkish autocrat Recep Erdogan| Photo: EFE

Turkey’s current president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, declared himself the winner of presidential elections held on Sunday (28), and in a speech to supporters in Istanbul, he said he had been given the “responsibility to govern the country” for the next five years. The counts made by the official Turkish news agency Anadolu and the independent agency ANKA showed Erdogan winning by 52% to Social Democrat Kemal Kiliçdaroglu’s 48% when 99% of the votes had been counted.

Erdogan stressed that the result represents a failure for the CHP, Kiliçdaroglu’s party. He recalled that the next meeting with the ballot boxes will be in 2024, when municipal elections will be held in the country. “Are you ready to win Istanbul in 2024? Don’t stop, we need to keep working,” he urged his supporters in a speech that resembled a new election rally.

Erdogan has again asserted, as he has often done on the campaign trail in recent weeks, that his opponents, the CHP party and its allies, the nationalist IYI and leftist HDP, are “infiltrated by the LGBTI”, implying that this is why they support gay rights.

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“For us, the family is sacred,” declared the re-elected president during the speech, in which he reiterated his promise to rebuild the homes of the victims of the February earthquake within a year. After the speech, the Turkish president traveled to the capital, Ankara, where he will give the usual “balcony speech” of the presidential palace.

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