Equestrian Hippos bans racing coach convicted of child abuse, Finnish Riding Coaches emphasizes responsibility for horse racing

The ban begins immediately because of the seriousness of the matter.

Pirkanmaa the district court sentenced a 59-year-old medical coach on Tuesday to four years and six months in prison for aggravated child sexual abuse, two child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and a firearms offense.

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On Wednesday, Hippos Finland imposed a temporary ban on racing coaching.

The verdict is not final and the charge coach has denied all charges. However, due to the seriousness of the matter, the ban imposed by Hippos will start immediately.

Prohibition of competition concerns the right to treat a horse in trotting competitions during the competition, to stay in the stable and depot area, and to act as an instructor, responsible coach and trotting officer.

Hippos emphasizes that it has zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination and that everyone involved in the equine industry has a responsibility to maintain a safe hobby and operating environment.

“Equestrian hobbies and equestrian sports are activities of great emotion. These feelings do not include the fear of being subjected to inappropriate behavior. If a person feels that they have been treated inappropriately and disrespectfully, the matter should always be taken seriously. It is everyone’s responsibility to eradicate harassment, intervene and set boundaries, ”emphasizes Hippos’ Chairman of the Board. Kari Eriksson.

Also Finnish Nutrition Coaches commented on the case on Tuesday. The federation stressed that equestrian sports have a responsibility to create a safe environment and that any inappropriate behavior must be addressed at a low threshold.

“Disclosure of these things required great courage from the victims. We hope that victims of crime will receive all the help and support to recover, ”says at the end of the text posted on Twitter.



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