Equality What if it makes sense to share a picture of a lumberjack soaping himself in the morning dew? Not worth it, says the researcher, because objectifying men can be very damaging

Various sexuality competitions are going down in history, and Sami Kuronen, the holder of the title of Finland’s sexiest man, considers it just a good thing.

In our species throughout its history, there has been a tendency to choose from among the people described by the superlative.

The best javelin thrower in the area, Finland’s strongest man and the world’s fastest runner have been chosen.

Then the most beautiful woman and the sexiest man, among others, have also been selected.

Neither is unproblematic.

One one of the best known traditions is Annual selection of People magazine to be the sexiest man alive. This year, the editorial selection hit the actor Michael B. Jordan, which is known, among other things Threaded, The fields of dreams and Of kin series as well Fantastic Four movies.

Actress Michael B. Jordan was voted the “sexiest man” this year.­

Following the announcement, the media around the world reported on the selection, as always.

“The single, who thrives as a single, told the magazine that he spends his free time driving cars, cooking and playing video games. According to Jordan, his self-confidence comes from realizing that not everyone can be pleased, ” Voice reports.

Mainly The Finnish equivalent of choosing People magazine is the vote in Eeva magazine, in which the sexiest man in Finland has been chosen for years. The last time the choice was made was in 2018. At that time, the presenter was chosen as the sexiest with an avalanche Sami Kuronen.

“Sam’s voice gets his head on the bike and his smile illuminates the day. Sam also exudes warmth that not all men have, ”one Eve reader justified his choice at the time.

Finland’s sexiest is quite the title for any man.

Kuronen himself is less excited about this today.

“A little of that joke came and went,” he says. “It used to be a laugh, and it felt nice, but coming back to it is annoying often. I wish people remembered something else. ”

“It’s a funny entry in the CV, of course.”

Pete Parkkonen’s music video The Point Hundred caused not only a fond rumble, but also criticism related to body positivity. Screenshot of the video.­

Finnish the man’s path to the object of evaluative and critical gaze has taken place in recent decades in both the media and advertisements. As late as the 1990s, a woman in short dress often appeared in advertisements, but by the 21st century, a man has also come to the fore.

“The male body has become as materialized as the female body,” the researcher Hannele Harjunen Says the University of Jyväskylä. “For example, in reality TV series, there is now a type of man who strives forward in appearance. Such has not been the case on such a large scale in the past. ”

Of course, development can be seen as equality. Television has been for ages full of jungle stars, commercials for ice cream sticks licking women and locker rooms for tits calendars.

So isn’t it just right for young women to share on social media pictures of half-naked firefighters to brighten up their afternoon?

No, the researcher says.

Sami Kuronen is known as the presenter of Radio Suomipop’s Morning Milking program and Temptation Island, among others.­

Just at the moment, the theme of being the object of attention is at a more interesting stage than at the time. Until five years ago, the sites were full of topless posing men.

Then came the #metoo movement, which raised a wide range of sexism, objectification, and abuse. Indeed, the number of visually estimated “male candies” on various sites seems to have decreased over the last couple of years.

The same phenomenon is probably that after the election of Kuronen, Eeva magazine gave up holding a vote. According to the explanatory memorandum, the delivery did not feel that the title reflected its significance as intended.

Sami Kuronen also finds competitions that focus solely on appearance problematic.

“Of course, sexuality is not just an appearance, but everything else that emanates from within a person. Although how you treat others and how you treat yourself. In that sense, such a vote is impossible. “

“Fortunately, the only male model these days is not the kind of forester with a stubble and strong jaws. It’s great that difference is almost the norm these days. ”

Is in the opinion holder’s opinion, does it matter whether the choice is “Finland’s sexiest woman” or “Finland’s sexiest man”?

“Basically, there should be no difference, but there really is. In the case of a woman, sexiness is more easily associated with a bimbo stamp. That sexiness is the trump card to move forward with. A man gets more forgiveness within that type of term. There are other qualities attached to him. ”

Helsingin Sanomat there is a lot of stuff in the archive about the objectification of women, but little about the objectification of men. A rare exception is the poet Jarkko Laine and critic Helena Sinervon correspondence in the Audience Department in 2001.

Sinervo had at the time criticized Laine’s recent work for its conception of women in her critique, and Laine had barked at a colleague. In his response, Sinervo “twisted the differences in the materialization of the sexes from the iron wire” to Laine. According to her, for women artists, objectification is “often a conscious act designed to bring out power structures”.

“For example Jane Campionin in the movie Piano the body parts of both women and men become aestheticized, desirable objects – fetishes – and instruments of a peculiar exchange. At the end, the dumb female protagonist gets a voice as if as a result of the fact that she has also become the subject of her own desire and gaze, ”Sinervo writes.

A picture of Brad Pitt decorated the workplace wall in 2002.­

Sinervon the idea introduced twenty years ago is based on power structures. The objectification of a man is more permissible because the object of oppression is usually a woman.

Often, the presentation of women as sexual objects is also considered a more serious matter because, in society, women suffer more than, for example, sexual violence and exploitation than men.

The researcher no longer swallows the idea of ​​a position of power as such.

“It is often thought that equality is so far away that one can strike upwards, as they say in the stand up world. This, however, involves intersektionaalisuus, namely that the human status in society affected by gender, but also many other differences. “

“Not all men are equally in power in society, and objectifying a man can be very detrimental to men who do not represent a masculine stereotype.”

“As a gender researcher, I also think that someone else’s sensitivity is no more important than someone else’s.”

Hannele Harjunen has studied how neoliberal thinking shapes gendered bodies and perceptions of them.­

Appearance the disadvantages of a focused media catalog are already well known today. Staring at body images detached from reality increases the anxiety of young people in particular and may, at worst, lead to self-harm.

Concerns have been raised, in particular, about the appearance requirements of young women.

However, according to Harjusen, studies show that young men nowadays are also experiencing increasing pressure on their muscular and properly shaped bodies. As a result, hormone use and eating disorders, among other things, have steadily increased.

“Men of the older generations have been allowed to be pretty peaceful, but today, men’s bodies are the subject of a dignified gaze in it as well as women. And unfortunately, the consequences are visible, ”he says.

As a presenter, Sami Kuronen often gets to deal with appearance-oriented news in his work, and Radio Suomipopin Morning milkingthe program also quoted the election of Michael B. Jordan. According to Kuronen, for example, the negative phenomena related to the Mississa Games seem to have increased due to the influence of social media.

“When speech becomes uncontrollable, even appearance-related comments that are meant to be harmless can be quite ignorant,” he says. “I can rightly ask whether such competitions are needed at all.”

Kuronen has been leading a sex race of some sort himself. In the popular reality TV series Temptation in Island four couples will be taken to Paradise Island for three weeks. There, couples are not together, but are testing the resilience of their relationship surrounded by singles.

Every now and then someone is sent home.

The presenter has an explanation ready.

“However, the Finnish version of the Templars differs from the American version in that our participants are just ordinary-looking people and not dug from any model catalog,” he says. “And that’s what the charm of the program I think is. That the most important thing is not just the outer shell, but what is found inside. ”

The advertising character Panu-girl, presented by Anne Marie Ellin-Laitinen, caused a stir in Finland in the 1990s.­

Completely male foxes, honks and other hotspots have not disappeared from the Finnish media either. For a couple of years, a man’s candy has been named, among other things, by a media entertainment website Kalle Palanderia, lounging on the couch Roope from Strait and without a shirt posing Robin Packalenia.

So what if it makes a horrible thing to share on your Facebook wall a picture of a lumberjack soaping himself in the morning dew?

“It’s double-standard, if you don’t look with one eye at the fact that someone shares similar types of objectifying images of women,” says Harjunen.

What about the flap?

Not after all. With humor, sexist stuff when explained before. For example, in 1993, when the “Panu Girl” stood in an open swimsuit and denim shorts holding a wolf and promoting paint.

Even then, it was said that the cheerleaders overreacted to the incident.

So the researcher has good advice on what to do before putting the lumberjack image forward.

“Before upgrading, it’s worth thinking about what it would feel like if a man shared a similar bikini picture in a sense of humor.”

“That what you would think of that person then.”

Helsingin Sanomat and Radio Suomipop both belong to Sanoma Media Finland.


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