Equality The share of women in management positions has grown rapidly in Finland in recent years, says EVA

In 2019, the proportion of women in management positions in companies, administrations and organizations was almost 37 per cent.

Women The share of all managers in Finland was 36.8 per cent in 2019, says the Business Delegation. Two years earlier, the proportion of women was 31.5 percent. The data are based on statistics from the United Nations Labor Organization (ILO).

The chapter includes senior and middle management positions in companies, administrations and organizations, with the exception of CEOs. More women than Finland are in management positions in Sweden, the United States, Portugal and Iceland, among others.

“If the gender representation is between 40-60%, it can be said that equality is achieved in becoming a leader,” EVA Director Emilia Kullas says.

According to Kullas, accelerating equality among women managers requires lowering the tax wedge and eliminating home care subsidies.

“The government’s family leave reform missed its opportunity to improve equality. With the reform, family leave will be extended, but families will be able to decide for themselves how the 13-month leave will be distributed. It seems that mostly mothers are still at home with young children without compulsion. The government did not dare to apply for home care support at all, ”says Kullas.

Coarse the calculation of leadership positions does not yet necessarily tell very much about equality, as the title does little to tell about the true status of the position.

HS mapped the last in the spring, the role of women in, for example, the management teams of large listed companies, the top management of ministries and the judiciary and diplomacy. The growth in the number of women in all these positions has been rapid.

Start-up company Prönö in turn study women share in all boards of companies on the Helsinki Stock Exchange and found that the average number of women on the boards of listed companies is 27 per cent. The variation is great.

There are 11 companies listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange, at least half of whose board members are women. A total of more than 40 percent of the female members are on 36 boards.


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