Environment The Lion feeding the conscripts achieved carbon neutrality by reducing losses and increasing vegetables and financing wind power in India

The state food service company is compensating for its climate emissions in India so that products of animal origin can be kept on the menus. “Milk, meat and cheese must be available,” says CEO Ritva Paavonsalo.

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The garrisons and Leijona catering, which is responsible for the food supply of prisons, has become carbon neutral. According to the company, this has been successful, among other things, by reducing food waste and increasing the amount of plant-based food.

However, through its own operations, the food service company does not maintain emissions, which is why the company offsets emissions from food procurement by financing a wind power project in India.

CEO of Leijona Catering Ritva Paavonsalon according to which compensation is needed to keep products of animal origin on the menus. He points out that food production in any case causes emissions, including the production of the most climate-friendly raw materials.

“Milk, meat and cheese must be available. They are hoped for, and we want to continue to offer our customers varied and delicious food, ”says Paavonsalo.

“Yes, we have reduced the share of animal products on the menus and increased the amount of vegetable protein in the foods. In addition, we promote domesticity. ”

Conscripts food has been the subject of lively debate in recent years. In particular, the debate over vegetarian food is intense from time to time, both for and against. The Minister of Defense, for example, has called for an increase in the share of domestic products in garrison catering Antti Kaikkonen (middle).

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Recently, outrage has been aroused by Cross-Country Eating, as the coronavirus has changed conscripts’ eating. Not everyone can dine in the same canteen at the same time, but some conscripts get their food off-road, i.e. from a pack or disposable plates.

According to many conscripts, there is not enough packed food, and special diets are forgotten.

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Lion 88 percent of Catering’s carbon footprint comes from food and the rest from the company’s operations.

Paavonsalo is proud to achieve carbon neutrality 15 years before Finland’s goal. In addition, the company has established its carbon footprint as the first player in the restaurant industry in Finland.

Finland’s goal is to be carbon neutral in 2035 and carbon negative soon after.

The state food company also plans to further reduce emissions. The goal is to further reduce the company’s carbon footprint by 25 percent from 2019 levels by 2025.

“We are investing in more climate-friendly raw material choices, and the amount of bio-waste will be reduced by 13 percent. In addition, energy will be saved through equipment investments and renovations of business premises, as well as by switching to cleaner energy in connection with renovations, ”says Paavonsalo.

Food waste kitchens still generate a lot, as much as two million pounds of biowaste per year. Although the amount of biowaste can be reduced, it cannot be completely eliminated, according to Paavonsalo, because biowaste is a by-product of cooking.

However, biowaste is diverted to recovery. About 96 percent of the company’s biowaste goes to biogas production and is used as fuel, among other things. At the same time, emissions from transport will be reduced.

Leijona catering is a food service company founded in 2012 and wholly owned by the Finnish state. Its largest customers are the Defense Forces and the Finnish Criminal Sanctions Institute.

The company is also responsible for restaurant operations at many government sites. It makes about 70,000 servings a day in 60 restaurants.

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