Environment The blue whale has returned to the Spanish coast after a break of more than 40 years

The reason for the return is suspected to be homesickness or climate change.

World Whereas the largest mammal, the blue whale, has returned to the Spanish coast after more than 40 years; says brittimedia The Guardian.

As early as 2017, one blue whale was spotted off the coast of Galicia in north-eastern Spain. Since then, three other individuals have also been spotted in the area, the most recent of which was last week.

An entire generation of blue whales was hunted off the coast of Galicia to near extinction in the 1970s. The individuals who have now returned are the marine biologist who made the first whale sighting Bruno Díazin according to the descendants of the few whales that survived at that time.

Whaling was a traditional profession in Galicia for thousands of years. However, Spain banned fishing in 1986, which, according to Díaz, allowed for a return.

Whales however, the return is not, in everyone’s view, merely good news.

“I am pessimistic, as it is very possible that climate change will have a strong impact on the habitat of blue whales,” marine biologist Alfredo López said to the Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia, according to The Guardian.

“First, blue whales don’t venture south of the equator, and if global warming pushes this border further north, their living space will diminish. Secondly, if this means that the food they normally eat disappears, we are witnessing something dramatic, which is certainly not the place to celebrate. ”

However, the impact of climate change is not yet clear, according to marine biologist Bruno Díaz.

The second reason for the return is suspected to be homesickness related to species memory.

“In recent years, we have found that the migration of blue whales is driven by memory, not a change of circumstances. This year, plankton [sinivalaiden ravinnon] the number has not increased significantly, but here they are still, ”says Díaz.

“Experiences remain in the collective memory and drive the species to return.”

There are about 10,000 to 25,000 blue whales in the world and they are an endangered species, according to the environmental organization WWF. by.



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