Environment Research: Europe’s summer droughts are the worst in two millennia

The study, published in the scientific journal Nature Geoscience, was based on the annual rings of 147 Central European oaks.

Last summer droughts have been the most severe in Central Europe since ancient Roman times, says a recent study.

Nature Geoscience The study, published in the journal, was based on 147 living and dead oaks from the Czech Republic and southern Germany. The time span of the study is long. Data on annual rings have always been obtained 2,110 years ago, ie the century before the beginning of our era.

Annual rings by analyzing, researchers have found a long drying trend that in 2015 suddenly accelerated to a level not experienced for two millennia. There have also been summers since 2015, which, according to researchers, are “quite exceptional in Central Europe”.

Researchers attributed the trend to man-made climate change.

“Climate change doesn’t mean drier everywhere,” says research director and professor of environmental sciences at the University of Cambridge. Ulf Buntgen said. “It gets wetter or colder in some places. But extreme conditions are becoming more common, which can be devastating for agriculture, ecosystems and societies in general. ”

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