Environment A nasty smell revealed a serious shortage in a new residential area in Helsinki – Residents’ sewage was discharged untreated into the environment

A passer-by reported a serious odor nuisance to the surroundings of the Helsinki region.

Attention the arousing smell revealed a serious flaw in a residential area in Sepänmäenpuisto in Helsinki.

From the recently completed residential building by the creek, residents ’sewage had flowed directly untreated into a stormwater basin on the site.

According to the on-call staff of the Helsinki Region Environment (Hsy), the wastewater had flowed from the stormwater basin, also untreated, directly to Longinoja. The matter was investigated because the passer-by had woken up to a significant odor and alerted Hsy.

Hsy emptied and cleaned the pool on Tuesday. Head of Department at Hsy Kia Aksela confirms that the treatment operations were due to waste water discharges.

Reason environmental damage was found in the inadequate sewage connections of the dwelling or dwellings. The sewage lines were not connected to the public sewage network at all, but with a cross-connection to the stormwater network.

“After all, we are going to connect the new houses to the water supply network, instead the sewage connection is being prepared by a contractor digging a pit. The situation can be rectified on Wednesday when our installers make the right connection, ”says Aksela.

Houses nearby resident Mikael Kojima described Hsy’s cleanup operation on Tuesday morning.

“I was going to see if the source of Longinoja’s red color had survived when I noticed the tankers. It smelled like it there, ”Kojima describes.

About a dozen new apartment buildings have been built in Sepänmäenpuisto Ala-Malmi. Residents of the houses have moved in the last couple of months.

On Tuesday, it was still unclear how long the sewage had run off, and how many houses.

Longinojan has been in public in recent days because of the redness of the water. The source of the salmon red color was not yet clear on Tuesday day.

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Longinoja long-term active Juha Salonen says that the red color had already flowed to the height of Savela, and was moving to the Vantaa River.

“It doesn’t smell special in any way and it hasn’t caused fish deaths,” Salonen reports.

Helsinki police began tracing the red substance by sampling on Tuesday.

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