Energy To Putin Scholz: Gas supplies can still be paid for in euros

A spokesman for British Prime Minister Boris Johnson also said Britain was not going to pay for Russian gas in rubles.

German the government told the Russian president Vladimir Putin agreed that Europe could continue to pay for Russia’s gas supplies in euros rather than rubles, as Russia had previously called for. The matter was reported by Reuters.

Spokesman for the German Government Steffen Hebestreitin according to Putin had told the German Chancellor Olaf Scholzille telephone conversation that nothing will change for European partners. Next month’s payments from Europe can still be paid in euros. According to Putin, the payments will be transferred to Gazprombank, which will not be affected by the sanctions. The bank would then convert the payments into rubles, Hebestreit quoted Putin.

According to the Hebestreit, Scholz had stressed to Putin that Germany had committed to the G7 agreement that Russian energy supplies would be paid only in euros or U.S. dollars.

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Also British Prime Minister Boris Johnson a spokesman said Britain did not plan to pay for Russian gas in rubles.

“Minister of Economic Affairs Kwasi Kwarteng has made it clear that there will be no payment in rubles, ”a spokesman told reporters on Wednesday.

The ministry also said it was in contact with British companies that might be concerned.

Putin The administration announced on Wednesday that all of Russia’s energy and commodity exports could be priced in rubles if Germany implements its plans to prepare for a possible disruption of Russian gas supplies.

The Kremlin indicated that it was considering ruble payments for, for example, oil, grain, fertilizers, coal, metals and other important commodities.

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Russia has previously demanded payment in rubles for natural gas delivered to Europe or the United States.

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