Energy crisis | In Germany, gas consumption increased even more than usual, and soon there may be a “very serious” situation ahead

The federal authority urged Germans to save gas more than at present.


Germany’s households and businesses have used 10 percent more gas last week than in the same period between 2018 and 2021, the federal grid agency said Thursday.

The head of the agency Klaus Müller according to the Germans, on the contrary, they should now save gas.

“Gas consumption increased too much last week,” Müller said on Thursday.

This week the weather is warm everywhere in Germany, almost 20 degrees, and there is no need for heating yet. Otherwise, the reason for the exceptional consumption spike may be a colder than usual early autumn.

According to Müller, Germany cannot avoid a gas emergency in winter without private households, companies and industry saving gas 20 percent more. Industry’s share of gas consumption is about 60 percent.

“The situation could become very serious if we do not significantly reduce our gas consumption,” Müller said.

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Germany has a three-stage contingency model to respond to the reduction of gas. Since the end of June, another level has been in use, i.e. the alarm level.

If the third, or emergency, level is introduced, the Network Agency will start regulating the use of gas. Not all customers can then get it even at a high price. Even in an emergency, households, hospitals, educational institutions and public administrations remain covered by gas supplies.

Germany has had its gas storage filled in accordance with the targets, but gas is significantly more expensive than before. The German government has promised a gas price ceiling for consumers, but its implementation method is still unclear.

The filling of Germany’s gas storage ahead of time above the target level, to 92 percent, has been in early autumn good news. However, gas retailers can sell gas from warehouses elsewhere, so they do not guarantee gas security in Germany.

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Therefore, in the opposition both on the right and on the left, the nationalization of German gas reserves has been demanded.

Both from the network agency and the government however, has been establishedthat Germany benefits from the European gas market and is also dependent on imported electricity.

Previously the main gas route to Germany was from Russia. Russia cut off gas transport in the Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline in late summer as a response to supporting Ukraine.

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, on the other hand, was never put into operation as a sanction measure against Russia.

Now both pipes are unusable due to sabotage.

Russian after invading Ukraine, Germany began to acquire new gas partners to replace Russia. Currently, Germany buys gas from Norway, the Netherlands and Belgium, as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG) from the United States, among others.

Germany has decided on five new lng terminals for the Baltic Sea this year.

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