Employment EK’s Häkämies criticizes Left Alliance’s Andersson employment output: Politicians should give social partners peace of negotiation

The CEO of EK hopes that politicians will not interfere in the negotiations of social partners on the employment of the elderly for as long as the deadline set for them by the government lasts. “It’s been pretty well followed by the rest of the government.”

Business CEO of the Confederation Jyri Häkämies criticizes the chairman of the Left Alliance Li Andersson Saturday exit employment measures for older people.

He now hopes for peace of mind from politicians until the social partners have completed their negotiations.

“We have both stressed ourselves and hoped from politicians that we would have peace of mind and negotiation within the deadline. The rest of the government has followed it quite well, ”says Häkämies.

“With this exception, we have not embarked on this negotiation process in the middle of everything.”

The government issued in the context of the budget debate, to instruct the social partners to agree on strengthening the employment of people over 55 by 10 000 to 12 000 workers. The government is committed to deciding on the action itself if the social partners fail to reach an agreement by the end of November.

In a speech to the party council on Saturday, Andersson presented ways in which the Left Alliance would improve the employment of older workers if social partners do not find adequate solutions.

He said, among other things, that the Left Alliance attaches great importance to severance pay based on career length.

“This would help reduce employers’ incentives to lay off older workers, who are more difficult to re-employ. At the same time, the compensation provides financial security for redundancies for those who have a long career, ”Andersson said.

Carbon monster does not wish to comment on the proposal itself other than by stating that it has not, of course, been put forward by employers. He will not open the negotiations in any other way. He only emphasizes his desire for peace at work.

“We still have just over a week, and then let’s see what the solution is.”


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