Employment A completely new phenomenon was revealed in the Finnish labor market: Unemployment in Uusimaa is worse than in Kainuu for the first time, and the war further destroys the situation in one sector

In Uusimaa, a large proportion of jobs are in the service sector, many of which have suffered from interest rate restrictions for a long time. In the Helsinki region, tourism is still suffering from a shortage of Asian tourists, and no improvement is promised.

The disappearance of Asian tourists has been noticed at the Helsinki Market Square. Uusimaa’s tourism industry first suffered from the corona epidemic and is now suffering the consequences of the Russian war of aggression.

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Finland In the wake of the corona pandemic, there is a very exceptional phenomenon in the labor market: there were still more unemployed people in Uusimaa in February than in Kainuu or the national average.

Chief Economist of Palta, representing service sector employers Martti Pykäri decreased unemployment figures from the figures of the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (Tem). According to them, the unemployment rate in Uusimaa was 10.2 per cent in February. The unemployment rate for the whole country was 10.1 per cent.

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