Emilio Garcia: “FIFA” is fighting the greed of agents in the interests of the “poor”

Emilio Garcia talking to Moataz Al Shami

Moataz Al Shami (Dubai)
Emilio Garcia, Head of the Legal and Compliance Department of the International Football Association Board, confirmed that “FIFA” fights the greed of brokers and players’ agents more effectively, and serves the support of poor and small clubs around the world, by implementing the “Clearing House” system, which will act as a “central bank” for football. , 5% is imposed on each international transfer, and those funds are redirected to the clubs that have raised players transferred abroad, and to the poorest and most needy clubs, and thus guarantee the injection of funds greater than those that are currently receiving a “nurture allowance”, not more than half a percent.
In the first lengthy dialogue on the most important projects of the International Federation for the development of regulations with the newspaper “Al-Ittihad”, Garcia touched on many files, related to the regulations, their development and the UAE clubs and their performance in general, praising the efforts of the Football Association headed by Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, in adhering to keeping pace with the latest updates. Regarding the regulations and laws, and the keenness to host the legal and developmental workshops for the clubs, which FIFA, on its part, is keen to attend and support the UAE clubs and the UAE professional league in general.
Emilio Garcia pointed out that Mohammed bin Hazam, the Secretary-General, called FIFA for more than one workshop to develop regulations, and said: “We have seen the development of the legal administration of the Emirates Football Association, and the great keenness of the clubs to benefit from the latest developments in FIFA and the legal administration of the Federation.” International.”
Regarding the “Clearing House” project that FIFA intends to implement by deducting a financial percentage from the total transfer contracts for players, especially foreign or international transfers, which witness the value of total deals exceeding 6 billion dollars annually, he said: “This project is concerned with the existence of an entity similar to “ A central bank” within FIFA, which collects a percentage for each international transfer of the total contract value, which will be approximately 5%, and is collected annually to spend on the clubs most in need of financial support around the world, and thus small clubs will receive greater funds from the International Federation, by supporting them In projects, and according to the new system, there is at least 250 million dollars that can be collected, and then redistributed to small and poor clubs around the world, which helps in spending on the game and the development of players.”
He added: “I expect that we will face challenges in the future, but we will start activating the new system in 2022, which means imposing a percentage on transfers to obtain unified financial support that can be transferred to the clubs that raised and sponsored players.”
He said: “Last year 2020, about 17,077 international transfers took place, with a total of 5.6 billion dollars, which were pumped into purchase, sale and loan contracts, while the real size of the local and international transfer market reached more than 7 billion dollars annually, and since the implementation of the international transfer system in 2011. Until 2020, what was pumped between clubs in buying players amounted to 36.7 billion dollars in about 10 years, and every year 700 million dollars are paid to brokers and agents at a rate of 10% of the total deals, while a small percentage of about 1% of those funds are directed. Such as upbringing allowances and compensation, which is a very small number, so FIFA will impose 5% on each international transfer, and then direct that money collected to the small, poor and needy clubs, which provided players who moved internationally and abroad.”
Garcia pointed out that FIFA President Gianni Infantino wants to make the game of football more developed and forward-looking, taking into account previous problems. Continental and international titles, and 50 national federations with the same degree of strength, professionalism and readiness, and narrowing the gap between Europe and the rest of the continents in Asia, Africa, Latin America and others, we want to transform football into a complete professional system in everything related to administrative and legal aspects, thus contributing to increasing the popularity of the game more And more, giving it the necessary oomph.
On the reason for not developing a unified system to be applied in all federations, instead of having legal problems and leaving it to the national and continental federations, to set their regulations in a way that may conflict with “FIFA” and its laws, he said: The International Federation gathers under its banner more than 211 federations around the world, and therefore cannot Gathering all these federations under a unified legal system and clear regulations for the game, and thus we always allow the freedom of each country and each federation to set its regulations according to what the public wants.
He added: The only regulations that can be unified around the world are the international player transfer regulations, according to the current transfer system, which is actually followed in a practical way by all federations and there are no differences at all between the national federations in this aspect, but the matter is different for local players who are not Professionals outside their countries, and these are subject to some internal regulations approved by the federations, and here we are in the FIFA Legal Committee, we give the national federations freedom, and we tend to adopt what has been approved in the general assemblies of that country, as long as it does not specifically affect international transfers of players and does not violate contractual relations internationally.



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