Electronic transactions Kela transactions of many municipalities and companies threaten to be interrupted at the turn of the month – Kela estimates that the payment of benefits will still not be delayed

“If the application for registration of a power of attorney in the clerk’s authorization service has only just been initiated, it may not be possible by February 1,” says Leila Koskela, Kela’s special designer.

Dealing Kela’s online service threatens to be disrupted by thousands of companies and organizations in early February.

The reason is that they have not given authorizations to handle Kela matters in the new Suomi.fi service. Authorizations shall be granted no later than 31 January.

Kela’s special designer Leila Koskelan according to which the mandate is unlikely to be given by many smaller organizations.

For example, there are companies and associations that rarely do business with Kela. According to Koskela, authorizations may still not be granted in some municipalities.

In all More than 16,000 or more than 55 per cent of the companies and organizations that use Kela’s online services have already taken care of the Suomi.fi authorization with Kela.

Municipalities, for example, handle benefits in Kela’s online service, and companies apply for, among other things, daily allowances for sick leave and compensation for occupational health care.

“These are practically all organizations that work with Kela under the business ID,” says Koskela.

According to Koskela, the authorizations have mainly been taken care of in large organizations.

“We don’t have direct visibility into who is okay and who isn’t. It will not be seen until February 1. “

Multi a small business or association may not notice the shortcoming until later this year, when the online service will no longer be able to do business with the old model.

However, Koskela estimates that the lack of authorization will not cause delays in the payment of Kela’s benefits, for example.

“Municipalities have care income support clients, for example, who are the most critical from Kelank’s point of view. We have given separate instructions to the municipalities and contacted some of the municipalities, ”says Koskela.

According to Koskela, for example, benefits can be handled even if the authorization for the new service is lacking. “We will provide alternative courses of action until the credentials have been taken care of.”

Mandate can be serviced in Suomi.fi’s Authorizations service at the Digital and Population Information Agency. The service is partially congested.

“If the application for registration of a power of attorney in the clerk’s authorization service has only just been initiated, it may not have time by February 1,” says Koskela.

According to Koskela, the process of applying for authorization is complex and multi-stage, especially for public actors.

Suomi.fiservice replaces the Vaata service in Kela’s online transaction services for companies and organizations.

In addition to Kela, the transition to the new service applies to all other government activities. The schedule is different for different authorities.


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