Electric kickboards The use of rented electric kickboards is prohibited in Helsinki on weekends

The experiment will last at least until the end of the year, by which time its continuation will be agreed.

Leased The use of electric kickboards is prohibited in Helsinki on weekends.

The City of Helsinki has agreed on a new experiment with the companies operating in Helsinki, Tieri, Lime and Voi.

The City of Helsinki announces that the companies’ rental electric kickboards are completely out of use on Friday and Saturday and Saturday and Sunday nights from 00-05.

The trial will begin in September and last at least until the end of the year. Until then, a possible extension of the ban will be agreed. At the same time, information is collected on how time constraints affect the number of accidents.

The possibility of restricting the parking of ferries in areas where parking is most problematic in terms of accessibility and comfort is also being explored in the center of Helsinki, the city says.

On Wednesday new speed limits were also reported. The speed of electric kickboards in Helsinki is limited to 15 kilometers per hour in all areas at night from 00-05. Previously, night speed restrictions have only been in force in the Helsinki city center area.

Companies have also committed to lowering the maximum speed of ferries from 25 to 20 kilometers per hour.

The changes will take effect on Friday, September 3, and are effective until further notice.

Tierin Commercial Director of Finland Elina Bürkland says the company is pleased that new restrictions have been agreed. According to him, for example, limiting the maximum speed to 20 kilometers per hour makes sense.

“Other European countries have 20 kilometers per hour, Finland has been an exception,” says Bürkland.

According to him, the company is also positive about the weekend night ban.

“We are thinking about this activity in the longer term. We want to find ways to use electric kickboarding that benefit the citizens. ”

However, Bürkland points out that the information currently available on the impact of the ban on accidents may not be comparable, for example, with summer figures.

“There were no similar restaurant restrictions in July as they are now. You need to be able to relate the numbers to it. It is important that we have reliable research data on how much restrictions reduce accidents. ”

Bürkland cannot assess the effects of the night ban and other restrictions on the economy of the electric kickboard operator.

“It remains to be seen. At the moment, due to interest rate restrictions, its impact can be quite moderate. ”

In Helsinki, restaurants currently have to close their doors at 11 pm, ie before the ban on the use of electric kickboards begins.

According to Bürkland, the use of electric kickboards has a first spike every morning and a second between 4pm and 8pm when people leave work and go to hobbies, for example. There is more use on weekends than on weekdays.

Bürkland believes that electric kickboarding will gradually find its form in Finland.

“We’ve only been here for two years, which means it’s a young activity that is sure to develop tremendously. It is important to listen to the views of the other party and to obtain comprehensive statistics on hospital numbers. “

Operative manager Reetta Alastalo Voja seems to be more critical of the ban on weekend nights than Tierin Bürkland.

The nave house considers downtime on weekend nights a worthwhile but temporary solution.

“Brackets don’t solve the problem in the long run, which is that people drive drunk. Therefore, we believe that there is a need for limit values ​​and effective communication on the consequences of drunk driving. ”

Detached house points out, however, that the period 00-05 is a quiet time for the company.

“However, there are people among the users at the time who are not on their way home from the nightclub, such as night workers.”

“We feel that, for example, our passport users should be able to use the electric kickboard as a means of transport whenever they want, so that we can truly be a competitive alternative to private cars.”

Tightening speed limits Can be considered a good way to increase safety. The company believes that they will not significantly reduce usage.

“At Vooi, more and more of our business comes from daily and monthly passports. We do not believe that this will have a significant financial impact, ”Alastalo commented on the possible financial impact of the declining use.



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