Electric kickboards Democrat: Minister Harakka will convene a meeting on the safety of electric kickboards

According to Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Haraka (SD), the meeting will be held on Wednesday.

TransportMinister of Foreign Affairs and Communications Timo Harakan (sd) has reported Democrat magazine convene a meeting on the safety of electric kickboards.

The meeting will be attended by representatives of electric kickboard companies and the Ministry, among others.

The safety of electric kickboards has recently come up for public debate. Helsingin Sanomat reported in late June that a record number of accidents occurred on electric kickboards in the Helsinki metropolitan area during May-June.

According to the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District (Hus), a total of 143 people injured in electric kickboard accidents were treated in Meilahti alone in the early summer.

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To the problem Husin, Chief Physician of the Department of Acute General Medicine, also took a position Arja Kobylin, who told HS that the situation was particularly difficult because of the resources on call for the treatment of the severely injured.

According to Hus, the most likely to be involved in the accident is an intoxicated young person aged 20-30 who is on his way home from the evening. In the evening and at night, finding extra labor can be especially tricky.



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