Egan Bernal ‘likes’ a trill by María Fernanda Cabal


Egan Bernal

Egan Bernal.


Egan Bernal’s Instagram

Egan Bernal.

He agreed with what the congresswoman wrote.

Lalis is a very famous content creator, a star. And he denounced that he was the victim, once again, of bullying on his social networks.

She warned in her writings that people messed with her physique, that they attacked her, after one of her photos went viral in which she was crying.

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The Colombian influencer said: “I expect everything from Twitter trolls. They are using my image to continue with the harassment that I have received for more than three years for my body, “he wrote.

I support, but…

Her fans supported her. but Senator María Fernando Cabal lamented the fact on her social networks.

Despite this, Cabal reminded Lalis that she criticized President Iván Duque at the time, made fun of him and his environment.

Lalis is a person who has supported the ideas of the Historical Pact and Gustavo PetrToday he called Duke ‘Porky’ on several occasions, comparing him to the pig from Looney Tunes.

“She is the victim of her own aggressions”, Cabal wrote, a comment that had many interactions, including that of the Colombian cyclist Egan Bernal, who gave him ‘like’.

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