“Education”: Zayed University programs are accredited and licensed

The Ministry of Education stated that it is not true what is being circulated on some social media accounts that the academic programs offered at Zayed University are not accredited, and said: The university is a governmental institution that holds an institutional license from the ministry and offers 32 programs, all of which are currently accredited by the Academic Accreditation Commission at the Ministry.

Yesterday, social media platforms witnessed a lot of give and take, commenting on the recent project launched by Zayed University at the beginning of the current academic year, through which the university offers the first three inter-curricular bachelor’s majors at the state level, namely business transformation, computing systems, and social innovation.

This comes in keeping with the requirements of the labor market in the twenty-first century, and the accompanying economic and social challenges, in cooperation with the “Minerva Project”, an American institution in the field of academic innovation.

The university had begun appointing new faculty members trained on the basis of effective and interdisciplinary learning, noting that the percentage of non-national students at the university is expected to rise to more than 20%.

Source: Al Ittihad – Abu Dhabi


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